Seventh Umbral Reborn - Terms of use

Welcome to the Seventh Umbral Reborn, a server dedicated to emulating the shut-down MMO Final Fantasy XIV 1.23b using Project Meteor, an open source re-implementation made by Ioncannon and other contributors. The purpose of this server is to provide an easy way to experience the development process, without the need for any technical skills outside of initially setting the game up.
The open source project can be found at [ bitbucket ].

In order for you to log in to the server, you need to register on this forum. I will ask that you understand these basic points so we can all get along well.

  • Please understand that I am not the lead developer of the server project. I mostly only host this server for you to play on.
  • Please understand that the server code is still under heavy development and will regularly suffer crashes and lost data.
  • Please understand that your created characters will be regularly wiped off the database as the server updates.

I also want you to follow these simple rules:

  • Read stickies and guides before asking for help. When you do, describe your problem and what you have done.
  • Do not abuse server commands, such as spamming or intentionally crashing it. I know who you are!

If you understand and agree to this, you can register.

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